Rock in’t Schöpken


Ingenlaeckstraße 1, 46459 Rees, Deutschland
April 23, 2022
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Rock Int Schöpken

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Rock in’t Schöpken am 23.04.2022 im Tüttenstall in Haffen !!

After a long break, it’s time again: We’re celebrating that ‘in Dörp’ – more precisely in the Tüttenstall in Haffen, our small cozy Rock in’t Schöpken is going into the fifth edition! The perfect event to slowly pick up speed again !

These 4 bands are on stage:
• R.A.T. (NL)
• Gin for a Done (Haldern)
• The Sprities (Haldern)
• Felkmett (Emmerich)
What else you need to know?
• Tickets: EUR 12 per ticket
• limited to 180 tickets
• Start of pre-sale: April 4th, 2022

We are really looking forward to this evening. Finally self-made rock music again, cool drinks and atmosphere in the village. See you there !!