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About The Release

single – BuZz

Artist: R.A.T.
Release Date: 19/11/2021
Publisher: R.A.T.



Verse 1:
Let’s break it
And build it up
Don’t waste my time Waste my time by sitting around I’m on a roll
Yeh baby, do you sense the heat Going down without defeat Chunks of love and kindness Bursting out with no control
We’re on fire Let’s try our luck We’re on fire And light it up We’re on fire Let’s make a buzz
Verse 2:
Let’s trace it
Keep it
And let it go
Don’t waste my time Waste my time by hanging around Yeah I feel alive
My head is clear
My sight is sharp
I could go on for days Don’t wait for another time
I haven’t felt this since I was young I’m out of control
It is my natural state, my flow, Begging for more
But I’ve got all I need, all has arrived My shields been left behind
I’m ready for all that comes Take it
I am ready for all that comes.